Dragon Staff Adapter Cuff

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A set of detachable spokes to turn your fire staff into a dragon staff. Fits Gora staffs and Firetoys Fibre 3s (with some extra tape). Sold as a pair.
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The Dragon Staff Adapter Cuffs are the latest development in Dragon Staff technology. This set consist of a pair of cuffs that can be attached to any staff with a shaft diameter of 25mm or less, including our Fibre 3 contact staffs or Gora's collapsible fire staff. For staffs less than 25mm in diameter, like the Fibre 3s, you will need to apply a few layers of tape to increase the diameter to 25mm. Aluminium tape is recommended for this.

Also included are eight spokes that attach to the cuffs using threaded ball spring plungers. These can be attached loosely for practice, but can be locked firmly in place using the provided hex key. This extra tightening is essential if you're using fire. After tightening the screws always unlock them with the hex key before taking them off.

The spokes are made from 7075 aluminium alloy - the stuff they use on spacecraft! This means that the spokes are lightweight but very strong. You must still be careful not to damage the connective areas of the prop as the spokes could become permanently attached to the cuffs.

This system makes it very easy to transport your dragon staff. It's easy to assemble and disassemble and means you don't have to fork out for a whole new dragon staff - you can simply turn your existing staff into a dragon. A 150cm long staff is the recommended minimum staff length to ensure there's enough room to perform moves like chi rolls, though this will depend on your height and style of play.

The Dragon Staff is based on the ancient Chinese weapon/performance prop, the Fei Cha. The Dragon Staff shares a lot of common ground with contact staff but the spokes on the Dragon mean it rolls much slower than a normal staff making it more suited to certain moves (Angel Rolls, minimal Steves etc) and less suited to others ("standard" Steves, for example).

Performances with props of this type look amazing as the spokes create a wheel of fire at each end of the staff. Your audience is bound to go wild when you rev up your Dragon Staff!

There are a few words of warning with the Dragon Staff:

Take it slow when learning to use the Dragon Staff - the spokes can spin very fast and can come close to your face. BE CAREFUL!

Make sure the cuffs and spokes are in securely before spinning. 

Although this adapter is a tough beast the nature of fast spinning, protruding spokes means it is susceptible to damage if dropped repeatedly at high speeds. You can still spin with bent spokes but it doesn't look as pretty!

Check the video to see how it's done:

More Information
Country of ManufactureHungary
Weight315g each adapter
Spoke Wick Width50mm
Spoke TypeRigid aluminium
Spoke Length20cm
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