PomGrip Poi Handles (Sold Individually)

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Awesome poi handles for throws and contact. Available in loads of colours, including LaternSmith's PixelDust glow in the dark range. Sold individually.
PomGrip poi handles are knob-shaped handles designed for poi spinning. They fit comfortably in the hand and have a silicone outer layer that provides excellent grip. PomGrips are suitable for any cord up to about 8mm thick. Please note: some customisation and tinkering will be necessary to install PomGrips on to the ready-made poi we sell. PomGrips have been taking the US by storm and are the handle of choice for many high level spinners. Each PomGrip weighs 16g but 19mm (3/4") OD washers (not included) can be added inside the handles to increase the weight to around 33g, allowing you to customise your poi handles with ease. The counterweight effect PomGrips bestow on your poi mean they are ideal for poi throws and juggling as well as contact poi. These handles are also available in glow in the dark colours. This isn't your usual glow in the dark material, though. PomGrips will glow brighter and longer than any non-electric glow toy you've seen before thanks to LanternSmith's PixelDust, a version of a Strontium Oxide Aluminate compound. This stuff glows - when fully charged - with the intensity of a glowstick; glows for 12-16 hours and can be recharged indefinitely without suffering any loss of performance! PomGrips are available in two PixelDust colours; aqua-blue and glowstick green. The green charges more quickly than the aqua but it also discharges more quickly meaning the green will not glow for quite as long as the blue. PomGrips are sold individually - the price shown is for ONE PomGrip, not a pair. Height: 25mm (1") Outside Diameter: 35mm (1 3/8") Inside Diameter: 19mm (3/4") Tether-Aperture Diameter: 8mm (5/16") with some give
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