Spinlock XTS Rope Cleats

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A super clean and practical way to rig your pulley systems for easily adjustable heights! Please read product disclaimer below before purchase.

Quickest and easiest adjustable rigging solution

These Spinlock rope cleats are a fantastic way to tidy up any permanent rigging situation. Used by a few studios across the UK - and here in the firetoys HQ - they make easy management of rigging height, swapping in and out of equipment, and tidying up after a training session or class super easy!

These will need a pulley or 2 set up to be used properly, but will allow you to adjust and lock the height without having to tie off multiple alpine butterflies or barrel knots.

Supporting ropes from 8-14mm in diameter, the super strong lever arm locks any rope that has been threaded through the body in place. A 10mm line will be held at over 700 Kg of tension. And the wider the rope, the firmer the grip, up to 1000kg for a 14mm rope.

Up to 3 ropes for inline neatness

If you just have the 1 rigging point then you will need 1-2 pulleys and the 1-rope version of this rope clutch.

If you have multiple inline rigging points that you can attach pulleys to, then you can go up to 3 ropes in one clutch with the 2-rope or 3-rope versions.

Safety information

Firetoys recommends that you always have a secondary attachment below the rope cleat, such as a tie-off point, or a ground anchor, to catch the ropes in the case of catastrophic failure. A stop-knot is also recommended.

Please consult a builder, engineer, or other qualified person before attaching these cleats to any structure.

As these Products aren’t made for aerial circus or rigging, but for the equally high stress environment of ocean yachting, neither the manufacturers or firetoys can take any responsibility for any damage to these products through this usage. We have used them ourselves in our warehouse, and have long-time users among our customers, but please note that the below product disclaimer (from the manufacturer) applies to all purchases of this product.

Product Disclaimer

Spinlock products (the Products) are designed for use in the leisure marine environment on dinghies, yachts, powerboats and water sports craft (the Intended Use). The Products have not been designed, manufactured or tested for any other uses as they are not intended for such uses. In particular, the Products are not designed, or intended for use, for human suspension, unless specifically stated for that product, or for the suspension of loads that would be a health and safety risk. Users should refer to Spinlock's published materials (available via www.spinlock.co.uk) for further information in relation to the use of the Products.

If the Products are used for a purpose other than the Intended Use, this is done entirely at the user's own risk and, to the extent permitted by law, Spinlock accepts no liability in relation to such use.

Any modification made to a Product is deemed to be at the user's own risk and the user is responsible for ensuring it is suitable and fit for the purpose intended. To the extent permitted by law, Spinlock accepts no liability in relation to such modifications.


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