120mm Clear Acrylic Contact Ball - BALL ONLY

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Not quite as perfect as our Crystal Clear Contact Balls, these Standard Clear Balls are still of a high quality. This is the biggest ball we stock - it looks amazing but is heavy.



Price is for ball only.

Unlike our own acrylic balls these are NOT crystal clear. We have, however, hand picked the best of the bunch so you can expect a ball with high clarity and no distortions.

What differentiates these Standard Contact Balls from our own Crystal Clear Contact Balls is that they don't let quite as much light through. Close inspection of the Standard Balls may reveal fine lines left from the polishing process. However, these lines are so faint that they shouldn't affect illusions like isolations.

Acrylic is very strong so you'll be hard pressed to break a contact ball, but beware of rough surfaces as they can get scratched.

What Size to Choose

Single Ball Contact Juggling: As a general rule, the smaller the contact ball, the smaller the contact surface area and therefore the harder it is to control. Similarly, the larger the ball, the easier it is to balance. So for single ball contact juggling a larger ball is generally preferred - anything from a 76.2mm ball upwards, depending on personal preference. However, 90mm balls and upwards can start to get too heavy for some, making certain moves tricky to control.

Multi-Ball Contact Juggling: If you are interested in manipulating any more than two balls, then the above rule is inversed: the smaller the ball, the easier it is to control multiples of them (with the exception of the 38mm ball). We would recommend not going for anything larger than a 76.2mm ball, especially if you are learning multiball contact juggling. The 65mm and 70mm balls are the most popular for multi ball, but again, exactly what size to choose comes down to personal preference and the size of your hands.

The 38mm ball is less of a contact juggling ball and more commonly used for magic. They look like a bubble of air and are great for sleight of hand tricks.

Important: Due to the perfect circular shape and clear nature of this acrylic, these contact balls can act as magnifying glasses and start fires. Never leave your balls in direct sunlight (or on a window sill).

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