Sundia Evolution G1 Five Bearing Diabolo

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The Sundia Evolution G1 Five Bearing Diabolo is one of the fastest, smoothest and most stable diabolos thanks to the five bearings and hybrid axle. Note: This listing is for the diabolo only! Click here for diabolo sets which include sticks.

The Sundia Evolution G1; Five Bearing Diabolo has a lot in common with the Evolution diabolos. They share the same hybrid axle that make these very lightweight diabolos (252g) much more stable at speed than other diabolos of the same weight. The big difference on the Sundia Evo 5° Diabolo is that they are fitted with five bearings making the Evo 5° one of the fastest, smoothest and most stable clutch diabolos on the market.

These diabolos are so good we reckon they're the best bearing diabolos around. For more information and to see our other favourite diabolos have a read of this article.

The Evo 5° has a superb weight distribution. This means that even though the Evo 5° diabolo weighs just 252g it's as stable as much heavier diabolos. The translucent resin rings allow light to pass through them so the Evo 5° looks amazing with Sundia's LED kits (sold separately).

The Hybrid "Competition" Axle uses a durable central spindle with a Teflon coated aluminium sides. This reduces string friction and the weight at the centre of the diabolo. This allows multiple wraps without the diabolo catching the string and reduces deceleration to give you super long spin times. Combined with the five bearings means the Evo 5° is an absolute joy to spin.

The Evo 5° is suitable for all levels of play, from total beginner to seasoned pro. Small children may find this large diabolo too big but it's great for teenagers and adults.

The Evo 5° is pretty similar to the Sundia Evolution Diabolo with Five Bearing Axle. The main differences are the inclusion of Sundia's stability rings on the Evolution and the harder cups compared to the Evo 5°. The Evo 5° is also a wee bit lighter.

See the "Specification" tab for more details.

Please note this diabolo does NOT come with sticks.

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Country of ManufactureTaiwan
Diabolo LevelAll Levels
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Bearing (clutch)
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