Prodigy Elevate - Figure 8 for Aerial Silks-Black

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The most lightweight and high strength rigging solution for your silks! These are perfect for use in the home, in the studio, or on tour.


Prodigy Elevate - Figure 8 is the most commonly used accessory for Aerial Silks, a genuinely essential rigging accessory.


Click here to download the EC Declaration of Conformity.



The Prodigy Elevate is an essential piece of kit for rigging your silks. It's the simplest and safest way to hang your silk to distribute the load and separate the fabric legs.


It only adds 17cm (approx. 7 inches) to your rigging, perfect for a low rigging height. And weighing only 254g (approx. 9oz) won't add much weight to your kit bag.



Made from Aluminum Alloy with an anodised finish, this figure 8 is lightweight but strong with a Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS) of 40kN.

All our range of silks have been load tested rigged from figure 8.


If you have plenty of rigging height and you don't need to take down your silks to transport them regularly, then we recommend the Prodigy Aerial Silks Hook.



We have a recommended knot to use for tying your fabrics. The method is included with every set of Aerial Silks that we sell. Still, there are other rigging applications for the Prodigy Elevate, too!

You can use the Prodigy Elevate to:


  • Temporarily shorten your fabric
  • Rig your silk as a single point sling/hammock
  • Rig two separate, different coloured silks to make beautiful two-coloured silks (as pictured below), with one colour per leg of fabric. Check out how to do this safely here.
  • Abseiling, belaying, and rope rescue!


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Country of ManufactureUK
Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)40kN
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