Mr Babache Finesse G4 Diabolo w/ Evolution 2 Bearing Axle

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Take one of the best diabolos and fit it with one of the best bearing axles and what do you get? Something really outstanding! Note: This listing is for the diabolo only! Click here for diabolo sets which include sticks.

After years in the making it's finally here... the Babache Evolution 2 bearing axle! The axle is available on its own over here

The Mr Babache Finesse G4 diabolo is a top of the range, lightweight diabolo. Like the G3 finesse diabolo, it's made from a resistant, flexible rubber polymer moulded into a thin butterfly shape allowing you to perform close body moves easily using either one or two diabolos.

Rim weightingThe G4 (fourth-generation model) has been remoulded to focus even more weight towards the rims of the cups than in previous versions of the Finesse. This adds momentum to the edges of the diabolo, therefore increasing spin times. The G4 is also 20g heavier than the G3, giving the G4 that extra bit of oomph.

The Finesse G4's wide cups give this diabolo great stage visibility and an easy grip position for throw-ins.

Add the Evolution 2 Bearing Axle to this amazing diabolo and you have something really outstanding! As you'd expect from Mr B this bearing axle is a dream:

It's almost totally silent, even after we tested this axle for several hours there was no change in noise levels.

Babache Evo 2 Axle - V-Shaped axleThe shape of this axle is a tight V-shape, similar to the Henry's Free Hub. Like the Sundia bearings, the Evolution 2 meets the hubs at an angle to reduce friction and ensure the longest spin time.

This bearing axle is extremely stable and provides you with much higher rpm than a fixed axle.

There's the reason why Babache took several years to release the Evolution 2 - they wouldn't settle for anything but the very best.

There are, however, a few downsides to bearing axles.

1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out.

2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible.

The Evolution 2 bearing axle is also nice and wide (the width hub to hub is 22mm with this axle - the same as the Evo 1 finger axle) aiding stick and finger grinds and opening up many other tricks. Even with the Evo 2 fitted this diabolo is still compatible with the other Babache Evolution kits, though obviously, you'd have to remove the Evo 2 to install an Evo 1 wide axle kit.

- The G4 can be fine-tuned with the use Finesse Evolution 3 kits that add balanced weights to either side of the diabolo (available in 6g and 10g).

Please note, this is for the diabolo with Evo 2 axle fitted only. You may want one of our diabolo sets or just our selection of diabolo handsticks.

More Information
Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
ManufacturerMr Babache
Diabolo LevelAll Levels
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Bearing (clutch)
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