Firetoys Aerial Hoop Carrying Bag - Black

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This handy bag can carry your aerial hoop, along with all your rigging and tapes!

Make your aerial hoop easier to carry with this high quality hoop bag!

Sturdy and practical

Made from a high strength polyester fabric, this bag can withstand being chucked in the boot of a car, carried through busy streets, and anything you can throw at it!. The inner lining of the bag adds an extra layer of protection for your hoop as well, important if you don't tape it!

Speaking of tape, the reinforced inner pocket is a perfect place to keep your adhesive tapes, or any other rigging you might have. This pocket has a box structure and makes great use of the big empty space in the middle of your aerial hoop, to make it even better, it's accessible from the inside OR the outside of the bag!

Sizing information

Coming in a variety of sizes to fit your aerial hoop snugly, it comes with 2 handles and a detachable padded shoulder strap.

These bags are sized to fit their listed size including the tabs, however, a single point tab will fit snugly in a bag one size down (so a 95 1 point will fit into a 90cm bag happily, but a 2 point won't)

As an added bonus, it will also fit hula-hoops, perfect for transporting delicate fire hoops, the central pocket will hold your fire wicks and stop them from getting bashed about

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