YoyoFactory Sugar - Grey

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A new signature throw for Shu Takada, this time for 1A string tricks.

This yoyo is unresponsive

A new unresponsive throw for Shu Takada, best known for his looping routines that made him 6x world champion in 2A (and his line of looping yoyos like the loop 360).

But don't sleep on his excellent 1A tricks, made all the better by this new sleek aluminium yoyo co-designed with sus yoyo mechanics in Japan.

1a powerhouse

the YYF Sugar has a modern design with some interesting tweaks, like the matte bead blasted surface with a super polished masked area near the bearing to minimise string friction.

It feels incredibly light and fast in the hand, while staying a good all round weight at 66g.

with a C size bearing mount it comes with the CBC classic center-trac bearing as standard.

More Information
YoYo ColourGrey
Axle TypeCenter Trac Bearing by CBC
Response SystemCBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
yoyo material6061 aluminium
yoyo bearing sizesize C
Yoyo String Gap4.62mm
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