Recess Diplomat Yoyo

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Recess have Nailed it with this one, Colin Beckford's Signature Throw, the Diplomat is perfectly balanced. Made from 7075 Aluminium, it has a unique weight distribution that you can feel as soon as you throw it.

A Remarkably Fast feeling yoyo for it's size and weight, the Diplomat speeds through any combo you throw at it, while retaining the weight and finesse for the risky loopy tricks that Colin Beckford Throws.

The undersized H-profile means this throw sits comfortably in the hand, and has a huge catch area for string tricks

This is an unresponsive yoyo and comes with an advancedgrooved bearing, so requires a bind to return to the hand. As such it isn't suitable for beginners

7075 Aluminium

This denser, stronger alloy of aluminium allows recess to play with the profile a bit, making a yoyo with a unique weight distribution that plays both fast and smoothly, with a weight that lets you know exactly where it's going to be when you need it.
It also allows the diplomat's anodising to be one of the smoothest finishes we've ever seen.

Colin Beckford

This being Colin Beckford's Signature throw, it makes sense to mention what he's accomplished with it (apart from the incredible stuff in the video below) 3rd place nationally in the US, and getting to the finals in the World Yoyo Contest in 2016, and winning the 3A title with the Diplomat at MER in 2017 he's definintely one to watch.


  • 1x Recess Diplomat Yoyo
  • 1x Grooved C size Bearing
  • 19mm slim response pads
  • 1x pre-tied String

More Information
Country of ManufactureUSA
Axle TypeBall Bearing
Response SystemSilicone Pad
Diameter56.37 mm
Width42.7 mm
yoyo material-
yoyo bearing sizesize C
Yoyo String Gap4.5mm
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Recess Diplomat Yoyo
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