YoyoFactory Wedge-UV Green

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An affordable plastic yo-yo from World Champion Evan Nagao and YoyoFactory.

The Affordable Follow-up To The Edge

The YoyoFactory Wedge is Evan Nagao's new signature plastic yo-yo! Perfect for novices looking to learn unresponsive techniques or even enthusiasts who just want a bold new yo-yo to throw around.

Unresponsive yo-yos don't 'respond' when you tug on them to come back to your hand. To do so you need to perform what's called a 'bind', which is a skill that needs learning and practice. That means this isn't a complete beginner's yo-yo.

It's the affordable follow up to the Edge, the throw he won the world championship with.

Stability and Style

It has a bold, chunky profile, with a very pronounced edge (hence the name, sort of) giving you great stability with every throw. The inside of the caps is a beautifully smooth blasted surface that is ideal for fingerspins, as is the slightly domed cap on the axle.

Designed for Competition

Quite a wide Yoyo, it still fits in your hand perfectly, and at 66g it's a perfect weight for 1a and 3a competitive styles.

1A is the most competitive style of yo-yoing in the world today, it involves one long spinning, unresponsive yo-yo performing a variety of complex tricks.

2A is a two-handed style of play, this time performed with two long spinning, butterfly shape, unresponsive yo-yos, another very complicated, high-risk style of play.

See it in Action

More Information
Country of ManufactureChina
YoYo ColourUV Green
Axle TypeCenter Trac Bearing by CBC
Response SystemCBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD
yoyo materialplastic
yoyo bearing sizesize C
Yoyo String Gap4.5mm
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