HyperSpin Triple Bearing Diabolo - T & TC Models

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The HyperSpin is arguably the longest spinning bearing diabolo around. Both the T and TC models are available here. The T has opaque coloured rims whereas the TC has translucent rims which make the TCs great for combining with an LED kit (sold separately). Note: This listing is for the diabolo only! Click here to purchase diabolo sticks.
The HyperSpin TC and T diabolo are made in Taiwan from the highest quality components and features an extremely fast triple bearing axle system. We love these diabolos so much we reckon they're the best triple bearing diabolos around. For more information and to see our other favourite diabolos have a read of this article. The HyperSpin diabolo is made with performance in mind; not only does it boast one of the fastest triple bearing axles we've seen but, apart from the softer outer rim, the cup and hub are actually one piece which reduces the friction from the string and stick to an absolute minimum. All of these features make the HyperSpins possibly the longest spinning diabolo out there and has outperformed many of the top brands in spin tests. The HyperSpins are also great looking diabolos. The TC and T models are identical except for their appearance. The TC has a translucent coloured outer rim, whereas the the T's outer rim is an opaque colour. These differences do not affect the diabolos' performance but it does mean the HyperSpin TC is more suitable for the HyperSpin LED kit (sold separately). The translucent rims let the light from the LEDs shine through which makes for a more striking effect than with the HyperSpin Ts. You can buy a HyperSpin TC with an LED kit included by clicking here. Please note this diabolo does NOT come with sticks.
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Country of ManufactureTaiwan
Diabolo LevelAll Levels
Diabolo SizeLarge
Axle Bearing (clutch)
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