The diabolo has been the coolest craze in school for some years now. Firetoys stocks one of the largest ranges of diabolos in the UK and we only stock quality. This does mean you won’t find one for less than a fiver but, unlike those poor toy shop diablos, even our cheapest model will last you a long time offering even better value. You can also find professional quality diabolos in this section from the world’s best manufacturers like Henry’s, Mr Babache, Sundia  and Taibolo.

Our most popular diabolos are the medium size as these are perfect for children. In our opinion, the best value medium size diabolo is the Harlequin. Henry’s Jazz is also a superbly made medium diabolo as is the Tornado from Mr Babache, though these are a bit more expensive.

We also have large, adult diabolos like the Finesse G4, Henry’s Circus and the Sun from Sundia. These diabolos are the choice of most professional and high level diabolists as they are perfectly balanced and weighted to help maintain the diablo’s spin. The Finesse and Suns are also ideal for doing two or more diabolos at the same time.

You can also find tiny and extra-large diabolos, like the Arlekino and Performer, on our shelves though these are quite specialist and we wouldn’t recommend them for normal use.

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