Jester Bearing, Black Superglass Handsticks & Firetoys Bag Diabolo set - Red/Black

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This set contains an excellent Red/Black medium-sized, bearing diabolo, a pair of Superglass handsticks, and a handy drawstring bag.

This set is great value and is perfect for beginners or adults and children of any age and ability!



The Jester Bearing diabolo is a medium-sized, bearing axle diabolo available at a very reasonable price. Including a set of handsticks, this set represents excellent value and is a perfect gift.


Bearing axle diabolos are a popular choice due to the increased spin time of the diabolo. The one way bearing axle works in a very similar way to the back wheel of a bicycle; once sped up the diabolo will freewheel and spin way longer than a standard fixed axle diabolo. Because of this certain tricks such as grinds are much easier to perform well and for a longer amount of time, making them very popular with beginners looking for their first diabolo.


The mottled effect on the cups helps beginners recognise when the diabolo slows down and needs to be sped up. It is also slightly heavier than other medium-sized diabolos, which allows the diabolo to maintain its speed for longer, giving the player more time to learn tricks.


The Jester is durable will last for years!




These Fibreglass diabolo handsticks are strong but fairly lightweight. The fibreglass has a bit of flex which can help you accelerate the diabolo more quickly.


The thin shaft allows for excellent grinds and the comfortable foam handles mean you'll be playing for hours!


Comes supplied with a length of string - Black colour handsticks are supplied with this set.


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