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These durable and soft, high-density foam Cigar Boxes are similar in weight and size to wooden boxes. This makes them perfect for beginners and training.

Get creative with this slightly unusual and super fun juggling prop!

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Great for Beginners

Cigar boxes are a highly creative and fun juggling prop. The problem is, they're usually expensive and easily damaged.

Firetoys have used a high-density EVA foam to bring you a cigar box approximately the same size and weight as a traditional wooden Cigar Box at a fraction of the price!

The size and weight are perfect for beginners to get started, and you will easily be able to transfer the moves over to a wooden cigar box. This makes them excellent for training new tricks.

The Cigar Boxes are soft and forgiving, which is also great for beginners since you can hurt your fingers with a wooden box!

Unique and Versatile

Cigar box juggling has a long history. Originally devised by a 17th-century Japanese prisoner who used the wooden blocks provided as pillows as entertainment and exercise by performing balancing tricks. This was developed and popularised as a vaudeville act and, in its early history, actually did use boxes for storing cigars - hence Cigar Boxes!

Typically, you will perform manipulation techniques where you toss them in the air and swap the position of the boxes, trapping the central box between the outer boxes in a neat line again before they hit the ground. A bonus feature of our soft and durable cigar boxes is that you can even perform toss juggling tricks without fear of breaking the boxes!

They are a fantastic balance prop to perform stacking and catching tricks. They're also a valuable prop to develop your balance skills. Try walking a tightrope or slackline while holding boxes balanced on top of each other and then manipulating the boxes into different positions.

Get creative with them - try using cigar blocks with other props to perform exciting and experimental manipulation and isolation tricks!


  • Weight: 242g
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 15cm x 8cm

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