Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig

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Prodigy has designed this Aerial Yoga Rig as a safe and easy way to practice at home. Fully tested and certified in the UK, this is the perfect indoor A-frame for setting up your aerial yoga hammocks or doing some aerial conditioning!

This rig is suitable for setting up in or outside, but the chrome on this rig is not weather-resistant, so don't forget to bring it back inside when you're finished!

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Aerial Safety

Aerial equipment should never be used unsupervised, please consult a professional.

Everything below assumes you have a suitable and safe rigging point, like a professionally installed rigging point or a reputable and rated freestanding rig. Not every home/studio will be the same, so we cannot advise on this part. If you haven’t established a safe rigging point, please do this first with the help of a structural engineer/experienced rigger/professional familiar with what you're hanging and where you're hanging it.

Check out our aerial blogs for more information.

Adjustable and Portable

The Prodigy Aerial Yoga Rig has a footprint of 2.0m x 2.6m (approx. 6’1” x 8’3”). At the highest setting, it is 2.9m (9’6”) tall.

You can remove connector sections of the legs to reduce the height to approx. 200 cm (approx. 6’6”) which will be low enough to fit inside any house.

This rig can be set-up by one person, although it is easier with two.

The maximum length of any components is approx. 105cm (41 inches). This means it will easily fit into any car and takes up minimal space in your home when not in use. The total weight of all the components is 38kgs.


Prodigy has designed this A-frame for Aerial Yoga but with absolutely no compromise on safety or strength. Each 45mm diameter/1.8mm thick steel tube used for the legs is joined by threaded connectors, the threaded joins help to increase the strength and stability of the rig.

The top bar (bridge section) is made from an incredibly strong 50mm diameter, 3mm thick, seamless steel tube. Additional support for the rig is achieved by 5.5mm thick steel gusset plates welded onto the bridge section. We recommend choking 2x Prodigy Aerial Slings - 18mm-30cm in length onto the top bar to create your anchor points.

Testimonials from our customers
Testimonials from our customers
This rig is really stable and well built. It's much higher quality than other similar ones i've seen. Very well packed and easy to assemble, although it does take around 10 minutes. Overall very happy A+++
— Tomo
performer in aerial hoop

Ideal for Conditioning

This rig is designed for yoga practice as well as basic and conditioning moves on other apparatus.

This rig can be set up at 2 different heights, depending on what exercise you plan on doing on it, the lower height is perfect for conditioning and yoga in lower ceiling rooms.

The higher size is better for full height yoga, short silks, aerial hoop, or trapeze practice.

Prodigy Yoga Rig - Setup Timelapse


Tech Specs

Working  Load Limit (WLL) : 230kg

Factor of Safety (FOS) : 5:1

The results are based on static load tests rigged from quarter points to simulate 2-point Aerial Yoga use.

The WLL is based on the loading up to permanent deformation, not destruction.

Tested in the UK at an independent testing facility. Tests are conducted by Tech-IOSH qualified testers.

This WLL is suitable for low-level dynamic loading, as expected in Aerial Yoga or Aerial Conditioning.


  • Bridge (top bar) x1
  • Connector (leg sections) x8
  • Bottom Rods (leg sections) x4
  • Feet x5 (one spare)
  • Pins x4
  • Stabilising strap x1

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent sturdy frame!!

Before buying this rig, I was questioning how stable it would be and whether it would be big enough.

There wasn't any clear detailed reviews up online about this rig and was questioning whether it would be any good. However GET THIS RIG! It's absolutely amazing. So sturdy and better than any frames I've been on in the past. Other frames have put me off due to how much that can rock and move; however, the quality of this firetoys rig is amazing. I'm 5ft 7 and find that the top bar is a little small but is only a problem when you're doing moves that you are really stretched out on; for example, 'split gazelle' on the hoop, sometimes I've caught my feet as my legs are quite long. Other than that I cannot recommend this frame enough!

It's really heavy and sturdy and goes up to a really good height, needs two people to set up as I can imagine it would be very difficult alone. All the bars screw together and when the frame is being used, it barely moves!

I'm able to use my 100cm hoop and my silks on this frame. Overall it's amazing, all I can say is, GET THE FRAME! Thank you FireToys❤️

Nice but not good for hoop

It's good for hammocks but you definitely hit your legs when using the hoop

So stable

This rig is really stable and well built. Its much higher quality than other similar ones i've seen. Very well packed and easy to assemble, although it does take around 10 minutes. Overall very happy A+++

Prodigy Aerial rig

This rig is really stable.. Definitely not to be left outside..
Would have been better if made of Galvanised steel.

Not suitable for hoop!

I bought this one to hang my Ariel hoop and it is too small, the hoop keep getting stuck on the sides:)

Nikita dragun
It's great

I used this in my makeup promotion video and it worked great


I've been really enjoying working on the Prodigy aerial yoga swing frames. I have one rigged in my living room rigged at the 2m mark. It's surprisingly sturdy and has been really useful for conditioning, strengthening, stretching, dancing in low slings - so much more than aerial yoga but obvs it's fab for that too.

Really stable and roomy

This rig is really stable for its size/weight.... especially compared to other similar rigs I have tried. I mostly use it with my hoop and would say its totally suitable for training. I wouldn't perform in it but I can train 90% of the stuff I want in it (the only thing I can't train are dynamic moves or big drops).

Rainbow Chard
Looking good

well packed. nice, succinct instructions with helpful pictures and i assembled it in 20 minutes on my own. Make sure you've got space indoors. Seems very well made, and feels and looks sturdy.