The Circus Diaries is a website run by Kate Kavanagh that focuses on a critical exploration of the circus world. They've recently launched a Patreon campaign to help fund the work The Circus Diaries does.

The Circus Diaries is jam-packed full of reviews of the latest contemporary and traditional circus shows and performances. The shows that are featured gain valuable extra exposure and publicity through the reviews and articles posted by The Circus Diaries. This exposure is so valuable because the circus is still a relatively small, unknown and often misunderstood art form. 

They "provide a forum for the essential dialogue that allows for development of an art form." As well as show reviews The Circus Diaries hosts book reviews and general thoughts on circus and the circus industry.

Kate has run The Circus Diaries for the last three years and it has always been free. With demand for this type of content growing The Circus Diaries is appealing for support from its fans. Of course, it costs money to see and travel to all the shows reviewed on the site. Then there's the research and writing involved in the articles and reviews. That takes a lot of time.

So if you've benefitted from reading The Circus Diaries' content and you think this valuable resourse should continue and grow then you might want to become a patron. From just $1 a month you can help The Circus Diaries delevop and thirve. Click here for more details and to become a patron.