No Southern Lights Festival This Year or the Next

Southern Lights FestivalFor five years Southern Lights was a highlight of our calendar. A superb spinning, juggling and circus arts festival held on the beautiful Dorset countryside. Run by amazing people, for amazing people, the workshop schedule was always jam packed, the shows were awesome and there was great live music as well.

Unfortunately we learned earlier this year that not only will there be no Southern Lights festival in 2013 but that 2014 will also have a large Southern Lights-shaped hole. The prospects for even further in the future don’t look great either, though the organisers have promised to be back, bigger and better than ever before… one day.

The reason for the hiatus is “a change in the personal circumstances of the four organisers,” Matt Wilkinson, one of the event’s directors said. “That means, as a team, we don't have the time or financial resources to sacrifice at this time and in the near future,” he continued.

Of course, we, like many others, were sad to hear this news but we wish the entire Southern Lights team all the best.

An extended break is by no means a signal for the end of an event. Play festival took a three-year break before returning with a vengeance in 2011. We’ll all keep our fingers crossed that Southern Lights makes a similar comeback.

In the meantime, here's a video of the 2010 event: