JustPlay Teaches Circus Skills in Ghana

JustPlay is a Hackney-based non-profit delivering social justice, entertainment, fun and new skills to communities living under extreme stress, around the globe.

It does this by:

- teaching circus skills

- facilitating workshops in theatre games

- co-creating shows with local people to give voice to their experience

- providing entertainment

Having a laugh together is a powerful tool for wellbeing, community cohesion and learning. But it is frequently a low priority among NGOs trying to address the needs of disadvantaged people who may be coping with inadequate housing, health, education or safety. JustPlay seeks to fill this gap.

“The opposite of play… is not work, it is depression. Players come out of their ludic paradoxes …with renewed belief in the worthwhileness of merely living.” – Brian Sutton-Smith

JustPlay is working in Ghana for the last half of October, in collaboration with Street Children Empowerment Foundation. We're kicking off a one year programme to tackle child marriage, pregnancy & trafficking. We'll co-create two shows: a circus show involving street children, and a Forum Theatre-based piece, to tour markets and engage the public, whilst also identifying children at risk, so intervention is made possible. More details here: http://www.justplay.org.uk/current-projects/

Some of the children who at Street Children Empowerment Foundation in James Town, Accra, one of the poorest places on the planet

JustPlay is proud to be supported in this by the kind donation of equipment from the fabulous people at Firetoys! Circus Power to the People!

If you want to help, things you can do range from the facile to the fun to the expensive (but deeply rewarding!). Find out more here: http://www.justplay.org.uk/just-help/

Lastly, On Saturday 8th October 2016 we’re holding a benefit pop-up bijoux micro-festi in Stoke Newington, London. Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1794219200824648/

Jake Goode & Jo Galbraith