Jake Highlines Over Swindon




Jake the Juggler HighliningJake the Juggler is something of a local celebrity (in the true sense of the word) around Swindon and is a familiar face on the UK juggling and slacklining scene. In fact, Jake was crowned the UK’s first slackline champion back in September 2011.


December 2012 saw Jake demonstrate a different style of slacklining over the heads of Swindon’s Christmas shoppers. Highlining, as you might guess by the name, involves slacklining at a great height and for this show Jake rigged his line between two large buildings in the Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon.


Dressed in a traditional highwire costume of top hat and tails Jake spent three days lifting heads, dropping jaws and, I’d wager, making many people’s shopping experience much more enjoyable.


Jake said: “I just love walking highlines.  Highlining, in essence, is very simple – you have a straight line between two points and you walk . . . However, in practice it is far from simple. From the ground the public see the classic image of top hatted, tailcoated, umbrella wielding ‘wirewalker’.  Behind the scenes are grubby high-vis coats, sodden ropes, and costumes attacked by McDonald’s grime.”


Jake also thanked the “Brunel Highline Crew”; Guy Ruyssevelt, Thomas Dewe, and Ben Skelton, for their help rigging, taking photos and filming the event.


Jake can be contacted via this web page: http://www.lowershawfarm.co.uk/juggling-and-circus-skills


Here’s a video of Jake’s Brunel highline:



Photo by Ed Russell