The British Young Juggler of the Year, or BYJotY for short, is a prestigious yet fun competition held at the British Juggling Convention each year.

Now in it’s 10th year, BYJOTY is a showcase of the best of Britain’s young jugglers and it will take place at the British Juggling Convention in Darton.


-British. Slightly British is close enough; “living in Britain at the moment” is not.

-Under 21. Not 21, under 21.


Entertain an audience of jugglers for between 2 and 5 minutes.

*What kind of act is suitable for the competition?*

Any kind of act with any prop. Entrants can for instance perform:

-Skills choreographed to music

-A themed act

-A comedy routine

-A presentation of purely technical ability

-Any props are allowed: balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, devilsticks, flowersticks, cigar boxes, hats, ball spinning, staff, poi, shaker cups, plate spinning, self-invented props, etc., etc. – but no yo-yos, as they already have their own separate competitions.

-Unicycles are allowed provided that any unicycling is accompanied by some form of juggling (i.e. no stand-alone unicycle acts).


British Young Juggler of the Year*

The main title, “British Young Juggler of the Year”, is voted for by the audience. What that title means is up to the audience, so if a juggler wants to win this prize they need to either have the best act of the night, or the most entertaining, or better yet, the best AND most entertaining act.

*Gold, Silver and Bronze awards*

Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards are decided on by a panel of three experts. The judges look at each act on its own merits, based on how well the juggler does what they do. Gold Awards could be granted to:

A choreographed routine of high professional standards in terms of technique, choreography, costume and music, where the judges feel they would book that act for a professional show

A street-show style routine, where the judges think they would put 10 quid in the hat at the end

A purely technical juggling routine, where the judges think it could rank at the WJF.

A BYJOTY Gold Award routine should be of the same standard, or higher, than an IJA Juniors Gold Medal. If judges don’t think the standard is high enough, no Gold Award will be given.

The Silver and Bronze Awards will be given to the two jugglers with the highest standard but not achieving a Gold Award.

*I’m a young juggler, and I'm pretty good, but I don't have an act. Can I still enter?*

Yes, just enter the Best Trick competition!

While the judges are out deliberating and the audience votes are being counted, any young juggler is allowed to take to the stage and show off their most impressive, skillful, creative, stupid or interesting trick. The competitors themselves, with help from the competition host (and the audience), vote for the winner.

If you're interested in taking part, then send an email with your name, age, area of the country, and what you think you’ll perform with, to:

Closing date for entrants is midnight Sunday 23rd March 2014.

You can find more information in the BYJotY Facebook Group.