Jugglers Assemble!

British Juggling Convention 2014An announcement was made at Lestival, Leicester’s one day juggling convention, last weekend (4th May) confirming the British Juggling Convention (BJC) 2014 will be going ahead from 11th to 17th April 2014 (not that we were ever worried).

Even better than that, we now know where the BJC 2014 will be and the theme for the convention. As expected we’ll be back up north again at a secret underground lair, aka, Dalton College, Dalton, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire (ok it’s not really underground). The venue is brand new – so new it doesn’t appear on Google maps – with all the facilities a juggling convention could want. A veritable Westchester Mansion for jugglers.

If you hadn’t guessed already, the theme for the BJC 2014 will be super heroes and villains so don your capes and practice your evil laughs! The BJC has also levelled-up for 2014 and is back to its former 7-day format. This way people coming for just the weekend get the maximum from their tickets as the convention starts on the Friday next year, meaning they get a full Sunday rather than the pack-up-and-leave Sunday of recent years.

Of course, the Firetoys-mobile will be heading up and we’ll be keeping you posted on any BJC news as soon as our super-hearing picks up the call. Watch this space! (You can also keep up to date by joining the BJC Facebook group and keeping an eye on their website.)

British Juggling Convention 2014