Aerial Silk Fitness Swindon


Aerial silks, as well as other aerial acrobatics disciplines, have been growing in popularity for a number of years now. More recently aerial yoga – using aerial silk hammocks to perform yoga postures – has been thriving, not as a performance art like traditional aerial silks but as a way to keep fit and improve back health.


Aerial YogaNow a new centre has opened in Swindon offering classes in aerial silk fitness. Aerial Silk Fitness Swindon offer a range of classes for beginners and more advanced silk enthusiasts. They also offer antenatal and postnatal care, mother and baby sessions, a children’s club as well as the adults’ freestyle, flips and inversions, relaxation and decompression sessions.


The benefits of aerial silk fitness are many and include: spine decompression, relaxation, increased strength, better flexibility, making new friends, improved general fitness and it can even make you a bit taller!


If you live in or around Swindon, check out Aerial Silk Fitness Swindon’s website for more details. If you’re in the Swindon area search the internet for classes near you.


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