Hoop O'Clock One Day Intensive Workshop

Here's your chance to be taught by some of the best hoop teachers around the world!

Craig Reid (Hoop La La) (UK) - Stunt tricks and Flourishes http://hoopoclock.com/the-tutors/craig-reid/

Dustin Hubel (USA) - hoop isolations http://hoopoclock.com/the-tutors/dustin-hubel/

Angie Mack (AUS) - Hoop Knots and Fancy tricks http://hoopoclock.com/the-tutors/angie-mack/

The time and date of the event is 10-6pm, Sunday 21st October 2012

It's at Haverstock School, 24 Haverstock Hill, Camden, London NW2

All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced, but you must be able to maintain waist hooping comfortably

Tickets cost £55 (and includes fresh fruit and drinks)

For more detailed information go to www.hoopoclock.com or email anton.mackman@gmail.com