Seconds Prodigy Multicoloured Aerial Silk - minor misprints and cosmetic marks

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These beautiful fabrics are a 40 denier, warp knit (tricot), 100% nylon aerial silk. They are low stretch and 2.8m/110inch wide. Made in the UK!

These seconds silks have minor cosmetic issues, either spots of dye, or slight misprints in the case of the heat printed colours.

This does not affect the strength of the fabric and the WLL remains the same

Stunning Colours, minor imperfections!

These fabrics look stunning at home, in the studio, or on the stage. The fading ombre colours and the dazzling multi-colour designs look particularly stunning when backlit and make for incredible photos as well as performances.

We use a heat printing technique on our fabrics which gives a high degree of precision to our colours. This means the ombre colour will change gradually, look natural, and look consistent across batches. Hand dying won’t allow for such a high degree of precision and consistency. The the process can still have some minor misprints and there are some imperfections, we inspect each fabric before packaging and put the less than perfect ones aside. They're still perfectly good to use, and you can grab a great deal while they're in stock!

Still great to use!

One of the other benefits of heat printing is that it keeps the yarn smooth and soft, so it feels great. Hand dying processes can negatively affect the texture of the fabric. These fabrics have a nice shine to them while having more grip than our single colour Prodigy Aerial Silks.

These are low stretch like our single colour Prodigy Aerial Silks. It makes them easy to climb, so they’re suitable for beginners. Low stretch is not the same as no stretch, though, so they do have just a little bit of bounce which makes them comfortable for drops and wraps.

At 2.8m/110 inches wide these are excellent for cocoons and width-based wraps. They’re also perfect as a hammock/loop! You can find our 6m Aerial Yoga sets with this fabric here.

Although they’re wide, at 40 denier, they won't be too bulky for most aerialists' hands.

These slight seconds fabrics retain all these characteristics, they just have the minor cosmetic imperfections.

Performance or Practice

The vertical colour fade of the ombre colours will also help you to find the edges of the fabric quickly and easily. This makes separation of the fabric SO much easier which will save time and energy whether you’re on the stage or in the studio.

The minor imperfections don't affect the vertical colour fade, and aren't obvious from a distance. So they'll still be great in the studio or on the stage!

UK Made, Tested, and Certified

Neither the heat printing process, nor the minor imperfections negatively affect the strength of the yarn.

These fabrics are made, tested, and certified in the UK.

Working Load Limit on Figure 8 171kg/377lb

Working Load Limit on Prodigy Aerial Silk Hook – 171kg/377lb

These Working Load Limits include a FOS (Factor of Safety) of 7:1 and are based on loading up to 1200kg, at this point NO damage/deflection/tearing occurred.

The silk and accessories used for rigging need a safe and suitable rigging point to attach to. For more information please see our aerial safety information here and information on rigging at home can be found here.

Slack Drops

All Aerial fabrics are prone to reaching high temperatures during long or high energy slack drops, this can result in small, melted patches, and even holes. These holes are caused by the friction of the fabric rubbing against itself and the performer during high speed movement. Nylon and low stretch fabrics are more susceptible, so it is important to inspect these silks regularly if you routinely perform slack drops. However, you should always take care when practicing slack drops, and be aware of the high amount of friction you can generate during these drops.

If you regularly perform slack drops, you will need to inspect the full length of your fabric regularly, and the fabric will need replacing more often

You can find out how to care for and wash your silks (here).

More Information
Country of ManufactureUK
Working Load Limit170kg (375 lbs)
Minimum Breaking Strain (MBS)1000kg (2200 lbs)
Average (Mean) Downward Stretch7% (low)
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