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The prisoner is trying to escape - team up and stop him!

Bandido is a family friendly cooperative card game. 

1-4 players, 10-15 min, Ages 6+

Prison break!

The prisoner is trying to tunnel their way out of prison, you need to team up and block the exits!

This is a fun and incredibly simple to learn cooperative card game that the whole family can play. The cards look great, and it’s very satisfying growing the increasingly intricate puzzle as you play.

The 70 cards are small, it’s a pocket size game you can take and play anywhere.

As a bonus, it’s a game you can even play solo!

How to play

Each player has three tunnel tile cards, and you take turns placing one and drawing back up to three.

Sometimes you’ll block an exit, but often tile pieces increase the number of tunnels. The aim of the game is to block all the exits, if you don’t and play through all the cards then the Bandido has escaped.

Challenge is increased by the players not being able to discuss their tiles, so you can inadvertently scupper the next players’ plan.

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