Newbaum's Milled Cotton Cloth Tape (3m / 3.3yd)

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Durable and comfortable tapes for taping aerial apparatus. Sold individually.

Newbaum's Milled Cotton Cloth Tape is great for taping trapeze bars as well as aerial hoops (aka lyras or aerial rings). It's very durable, thick for comfort, has a non-gummy adhesive and is made using natural resources and dyes.

Originally made for bicycle handle bars, Newbaum's Milled Cotton Cloth Tape is designed to handle sweaty hands and withstand friction from hand movements. These qualities also make it more durable than most other tapes. Its durability combined with the fact it folds well while taping and doesn't stick to itself makes it easier and more worthwhile to tape multi-colour patterns.

Newbaum's tape is thicker than M-Tape making it more cushioned and comfortable on the apparatus. The thickness also contributes to Newbaum's Milled Cotton Cloth Tape's durability meaning it will need replacing less frequently than most other tapes. It also means you don't need to overlap the tape when applying it to your apparatus.

Newbaum's tape also rolls up less easily when in use, so shouldn’t require the change in direction that M-Tape does. One roll of this tape does 65cm of 25mm (1") bar, ideal for a trapeze. More than one roll will be required for taping an aerial hoop. How many will depend on the size of the hoop and taping method. Each roll holds 10 feet (3 metres) of 3/4" (1.9cm) wide tape.

Here's a rough guide to how much tape you will need: 85cm Hoop: 4.2 rolls 90cm Hoop: 4.5 rolls 95cm Hoop: 4.7 rolls 100cm Hoop: 5 rolls 105cm Hoop: 5.2 rolls 110cm Hoop: 5.5 rolls 120cm Hoop: 6 rolls

Sold individually.

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