At Firetoys you can buy the high quality trapezes in a range of rope lengths (1m to 4m) and bar widths (55cm - 90cm). You can even customise your trapeze choosing the bar, rope and whipping colours.

Static trapezes are the most popular in our range. We stock narrow and wide bar trapezes with some designed for two people. These all come in a variety of rope lengths so you’re bound to find one that suits your training space. Some of these trapeze come with dressed ropes but most are undressed, leaving you to dress them yourself as you see fit.

Swinging trapezes require much more space and many more safety precautions so are less popular. This spectacular form of aerial circus is generally left to the professionals and we stock pro standard swinging trapezes from Voltige including ones with removable weights.

Please make sure you are familiar with our aerial returns policy before buying. It's different to our standard policy!

Please also read our basic aerial safety information. This is not an exhaustive list of safety precautions but it contains the most basic and important considerations. All the aerial acrobatics products we stock are fully safety tested and come with instructions and safety information.

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