Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope

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A super neat and safe rigging solution designed especially for Aerial, from Prodigy.

Designed for Aerial

Prodigy Aerial have designed a rigging solution that’s a cross between a strop/spanset and a rope – the Aerial PolySafe Rope!

The single leg, like a rope, gives you a clean presentation for use on a stage and is very comfortable to grip above an Aerial Hoop. The super-strong 2t WLL (Working Load Limit), like a strop/spanset, gives you the industrial strength needed for any rigging situation.

The Aerial PolySafe Rope has a polyester webbing cover which is hard wearing but soft and comfortable to grip. It has a very comfortable squishy feel in the hand and is not as chunky to grip as a round sling/strop.

Perfect for Aerial Hoop

The Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope can be used with any of our Aerial Hoops and looks much neater than the usual round sling/strop at a much lower cost than a cotton rope.

The soft eyes on the Aerial PolySafe Rope are perfect for connecting to the shackles on Prodigy’s Multi-point Aerial Hoop. It's safer to use an Aerial PolySafe Rope compared to a roundsling/strop since it won't slide if you only grab one side of it.

The Aerial PolySafe Rope looks great on a 0-Point (tabless) Aerial Hoop, you need to put some tape where you’re going to attach it and it holds tight with much less bulk than a round sling/strop.

Aerial safety

The Prodigy Aerial PolySafe Rope conforms to EN 1492-2:20000 and has a WLL of 2t.

For more information on aerial safety see here, and for information on safe rigging at home see here.

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