Aerial Straps

Aerial Straps

Aerial straps are made from a strong cotton or nylon webbing and come in a variety of lengths, from 3m long to 10m long. Aerial straps can come with or without the loops at the end, however all the straps we stock have them. Like all our aerial kit, we only stock from the best names so you’ll find straps from the likes of Voltige, aka Unicycle, on our shelves as well as our own aerial straps. We also stock all the rigging accessories you’ll need such as a hanger for aerial straps and a selection of swivels and carabiners.

This type of aerial apparatus requires a lot of strength and resembles aerial, or gymnastic, rings. Because of this it tends to be a male dominated discipline. Many aerial straps acts pre-1972 were very static with performers moving up and down the straps. The Panteleenko Brothers, trained by Vladivien Levshin, added many swinging, circular and partner moves to the straps’ repertoire.

The Panteleenko Brother’s won the USSR’s All-Union Circus Competition in 1973 and after some years battling for acceptance in the wider circus world the Panteleenkos’ style hit the circus mainstream in the 1990s. So influential were they, that almost all modern day strap routines have the hallmarks of the Brothers. 

Please read our basic aerial safety information. This is not an exhaustive list of safety precautions but it contains the most basic and important considerations.

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