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Mr Babache Finesse G4 Diabolo w/ Evolution 2 Bearing Axle


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Take one of the best diabolos and fit it with one of the best bearing axles and what do you get? Something really outstanding!

Product details

After years in the making it's finally here... the Babache Evolution 2 bearing axle! The axle is available on its own over here or you can buy it installed on a Finesse G4 diabolo right here. 

The Mr Babache Finesse G4 diabolo is a top of the range, light weight diabolo. Like the G3 finesse diabolo, it's made from a resistant, flexible rubber polymer moulded into a thin butterfly shape allowing you to perform close body moves easily using either one or two diabolos.

Rim weightingThe G4 (fourth generation model) has been remoulded to focus even more weight towards the rims of the cups than in previous versions of the Finesse. This adds momentum to the edges of the diabolo, therefore increasing spin times. The G4 is also 20g heavier than the G3, giving the G4 that extra bit of oomph.

The Finesse G4's wide cups give this diabolo great stage visibility and an easy grip position for throw ins.

Add the Evolution 2 Bearing Axle to this amazing diabolo and you have something really outstanding! As you'd expect from Mr B this bearing axle is a dream:

It's almost totally silent, even after we tested this axle for several hours there was no change in noise levels.

Babache Evo 2 Axle - V-Shaped axleThe shape of this axle is a tight V-shape, similar to the Henry's Free Hub. Like the Sundia bearings, the Evolution 2 meets the hubs at an angle to reduce friction and ensure the longest spin time.

This bearing axle is extremely stable and provides you with much higher rpm than a fixed axle.

There's the reason why Babache took several years to release the Evolution 2 - they wouldn't settle for anything but the very best.

There are, however, a few downsides to bearing axles.

1. Unlike conventional fixed axle diabolos the axle will need replacing once the bearings wear out.

2. Elevator tricks (magic string climb) are impossible.

The Evolution 2 bearing axle is also nice and wide (the width hub to hub is 22mm with this axle - the same as the Evo 1 finger axle) aiding stick and finger grinds and opening up many other tricks. Even with the Evo 2 fitted this diabolo is still compatible with the other Babache Evolution kits, though obviously you'd have to remove the Evo 2 to install an Evo 1 wide axle kit.

- The Finesse Evolution Kits 4 (LED lights) screw onto both sides of the diabolo and illuminate the entire translucent body (except white which is opaque).

- The G4 can be fine tuned with the use Finesse Evolution 3 kits that add balanced weights to either side of the diabolo (available in 6g and 10g).

- The recently released Babache Evolution kit 5 - Prisma adds bling to your spin. These kits are basic plastic decorations but they are well weighted and look quite good on stage.

- The Evolution Kit 7 is a freestyle hub replacing the standard Finesse Diabolo hubs.

Please note, this is for the diabolo with Evo 2 axle fitted only. You may want one of our diabolo sets or just our selection of diabolo handsticks.

Please note this product is exempt from discount codes.
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Mr Babache
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All Levels
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Bearing (clutch)

Mr Babache Finesse G4 Diabolo w/ Evolution 2 Bearing Axle

This did the trick! Review by 2YoungBoys , 30/03/2016
Our two boys ages 12 and 7 have gotten bit by the diabolo bug, and this one has made them very happy! It does all the tricks they love, and is very durable.
Great Diabolo! Review by Ella , 07/07/2015
This Diabolo is fantastic. I was thrown off at first, because of the colors on the axle being opposite to what I was used to, but that was the ONLY thing I ever had trouble with. That and my friends taking it from me because it was SO NICE! The weight distribution is practically perfect. It's a great Diabolo for just about anything: improving old tricks, learning new ones, and (best of all) performing!
Never Looking Back Review by Mako , 25/04/2015
The Mister Babache Finesse G4 with Evolution 2 Bearing Axle is my second diabolo. When I say it's my second, I mean it's really my first. The first one I had was so awful that it honestly doesn't deserve a mention at all. I outgrew it as soon as I picked it up. Top spin time: 8 seconds (unmaintained). It was a bad one. So bad, in fact, that I won't even tell you what it was, but I will tell you that you cannot buy it on this site.

When my G4 arrived, I was most struck my the vibrancy of the color. I selected the green one, myself, and couldn't be happier with the choice! This diabolo is visually at its best when in full sun - the translucent rubber really makes the color POP, and it certainly gets a lot of attention, when I'm outside with it.

The reason I bring up this being my second (first real) diabolo is that I'm not terribly skilled with it. That said, the G4 w/E2 has made learning diabolo so much fun, and so much easier! I went from dubious trapezes that would wipe out and fly at my head shortly after landing to alternating trapezes and 7-stack waterfalls INSTANTLY AND FLAWLESSLY. Grinds last forever and a day. This could easily be a record-setting diabolo. Remember that 8-second spin time I was telling you about with my other diabolo? Well, this one is seriously quick. Like, properly fast. Care to venture a guess what this one will do, even in my entirely unskilled hands? Three minutes and thirty-six seconds, so far.

While we're on the subject of wicked speed, I have to throw a couple cautionary bits in the mix. First, clear your play area thoroughly. I had it get away from me, shoot across the living room, into the dining room, and crash, axle-first, into the corner of a steel leg on a bar stool. I now must live with a chipped axle. On the upshot, this does not seem to have impeded the function of the diabolo. At this point, I would also like to point out that is is an extremely durable diabolo, even with the E2 Axle. It is typically very forgiving on drops. Second, and this is important, please mind your knuckles when doing finger grinds or low stick grinds. All that speed (especially with that grippy rubber) can make for some serious friction burns on light contact, so grasp it firmly when you catch it.

When it comes to getting scuffed up, stained, marred and the like, the Finesse G4 is a champ. With some elbow grease and a little acetone, the majority of those marks will come right off. Some won't. Honestly, though, don't sweat it. It just makes it unique... gives it character. One day, those marks will tell the story of your own personal journey through the world of diabolo!

All in all, I couldn't be any happier with this diabolo! I play anywhere from four to ten hours a day, every day. It's light enough to do this comfortably, especially when paired with Henry's Carbon Fiber handsticks and Henry's string, and the noise from the bearing has remained constant for the duration (yes, it really is extremely quiet). Day after day, time after time, this Finesse just keeps making me smile!
excellent Review by HAT , 31/12/2014
Bought as a gift for my 7 year old son he absolutely loves it, he can do loads of excellent tricks, throws, grinds etc with it and hasn't had any problems getting to grips with spinning it in only one direction. The bearing allows the Diablo to spins for ages and the rubbery material means it does break when it's dropped. Would definitely recommend this product.
Good quality product Review by Debra Wilson , 01/11/2014
The diabolo was just what my son wanted. Excellent, good quality product and arrived within a few days. The packaging could be improved to be more robust to protect the product - the diabolo was misshapen on arrival.
good Review by charlie , 05/02/2014
best diabolos in the world
Top notch Review by James , 17/12/2013
Great bearing diabolo. Very quick and very quiet. I've dropped it loads and its still not broken (my sundia broke after a big drop)
Impressive. Review by LaNgErZ , 06/09/2013
After possibly the longest wait for any any Diabolo related piece of kit, the 'Evolution 2' for the Finesse had almost become a myth. Holding one in my hands today was quite the shocker. the following is my review.

As a Diabolo player, i was slightly worries that the ' Evo 2' may have some of the issues similar to other bearing diabolos in the past. So the first look at it up close was important. The 'Evo 2' axle is a tight V shape similar to that of the Henrys version, the main difference is the way the axle meets the hub itself. As with the Sundia bearing models in the past they have always had the axle meeting the hub at an angle to reduce friction and ensure the longest spin time, this has in most peoples eyes put Sundia ahead of the game in previous years and made them the leadr in the bearing diabolo market. The 'Evo 2' doesn't disappoint here and provides minimal friction on corrections.

One of the other striking features is the width of the axle, it is identical to the 'Evo 1' which honestly i'm all for. Taking in to account what breakthroughs in modern diabolo the 'Evo 1' kit has been responsible for, a bearing version can hardly be a bad thing.

A big feature in all of 'Mr Babaches' diabolo gear has always been how customisable it all is, this is no different. The 'Evo 2' kit will fit every model of Finnesse all the way back to the G1 as well as the Tornado and i'm sure the Fascination when that's released, it also still allows for all the inner cup 'Evo' kits that were available before, the most exciting of course being the Gora fire kit...

Of course the main thing everyone wants to know is how it plays, so here goes. As a technical player my biggest worry was the grip caused by the material of the cups whilst playing with slack mounts etc, in my opinion this is where the shape of the G4 really shines. There has been a of talk on the later profile of the Finnesse seeing as it is the most drastic change in design Mr Babache have ever done. The smoother profile of the cup is a LOT more forgiving than the previous shape especially taking in to account the higher RPM the bearing provides. Seeing as the 'Evo 2' is also available as a kit it is worth thinking about. The main thing that screams at you when first test it is the combination of high speed, low vibe and a very quiet noise. With a lot of bearing diabolos on the market it can take very little for the bearing to make unbearable noises and eventually causes vibration on the string making any tricks that require precision very difficult or even impossible. After a good few hours there was no change to the play at all and the noise was exactly as it was out of the box.

After the release of this long awaited delight, i can only scream its praises. It truly is a bearing daibolo with a classic feel, something i think that hasn't been achieved yet, I can see it becoming a firm favourite amongst many technical 2 diabolo players.

Overall, after pretty much 10 years. Get yourself a piece of history.

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