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Stage Balls and Practice Contact Balls

Practice contact juggling balls are large juggling balls made from plastic or rubber. Their sizes are similar to acrylic contact juggling balls but they are easier to practice body rolls and other contact juggling moves with than acrylic balls. Acrylics can also get scratch from drops which tarnishes their beautiful appearance. That's where practice contact balls come in; they allow you to practice new moves without the risk of damaging your lovely acrylic. Once you've mastered the move you can then do it with your acrylics with a lower risk of them being scratched.

Practice contact juggling balls are also more grippy than acrylics which makes body rolling easier. Many contact jugglers that specialise in body rolling use these balls for their performances as they allow for a greater range of rolling tricks. This type of ball is better considered a "stage" ball. Stage balls are large, bright juggling balls that are great for stage performances of toss juggling acts. Their rubber outer shell is grippy so toss jugglers often include body rolls in their routines with these balls. Some stage balls, like russians or Sil-X balls have sand or liquid silicone inside them which further helps with rolling techniques.

Whatever you call them, practice contact balls or stage balls, you can choose from a range of sizes from small to extra large, depending on your style and preference. There's also a huge range of bright colours to choose from.