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120g Thud Juggling Balls (The Standard Ball)


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Quick overview

These juggling balls are a standard size and weight and are suitable for all. They are great all-round juggling balls and are the most popular in our range.

Sold individually.

Product details

These 120g juggling balls are hand made in the UK to the highest standard. The seed filling gives them a comfortable squishy feel, and a flexible lining ensures they remain dry and protected. The grippy and durable surface is made from four stitched vinyl panels.

The 120g ball is about the standard size for a juggling ball. It's easy to control and catch, and fits neatly in the palm of your hand.

Balls sold individually.

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Country of Manufacture
Approx Ball Diameter
Approx 65mm

120g Thud Juggling Balls (The Standard Ball)

I dig them. Review by gregalodon , 09/09/2016
I bought three of the Thud juggling balls (mostly on a whim), but I really like their feel and weight, they're perfect for a juggler of any skill level.
Excellent Review by Jax9971 , 01/08/2016
The price, shipping, and quality of the juggling balls is all excellent.
Great buy! Review by Eliezer , 27/07/2016
I purchased five of these. Best juggling balls I've owned. Also amazing costumer service! Highly recommend!!!
Fantastic Review by J.Roquefort , 10/05/2016
Excellent juggling balls with good quality. Nice and soft, easy to catch, but the weight means you are throwing them very quickly.
Excellent juggling balls Review by Emanuarte , 05/02/2016
My juggling balls arrived in record time to southern Italy, they are well stitched and resist my 1 year old daughters chewing, the colours are the same as in the photos and they truely making a satisfying thud as they hit the ground!
Great Juggling Balls Review by Carolyn , 16/01/2016
I really like the 120g juggling balls. I am a beginner Juggler and have been using the wrong weight, as told by professional jugglers. I would definitely order more of these balls and other juggling equipment from this company. You have the best juggling equipment!
great customer service Review by john , 11/10/2015
When i first ordered some of these there was a mess up in the stitches and one of the balls burst. The workers sent me an email saying that should not have happened and sent me replacements for free I totally recommend ordering from here. And happy juggling.
Just the job! Review by Howie , 09/10/2015
Good quality and prompt delivery. As expected.
Love these beanbags, soft grip. Review by tom , 27/09/2015
Perfect weight, in the 116-120g range.
They have been staying near spherical since I got 'em
Great all-round beanbags Review by Oscar , 26/09/2015
Hello jugglers!

I'm a 14 year old juggler from Sweden and the beginning of last summer (2014) I bought 4 of these and I still use them regularly (now I own 6). When I bought these I could barely manage to keep 4 in the air, now I'm close to qualify 8.

These are great all-round beanbags. The weight is good, maybe a little to heavy for numbers (I recommend 7 and below), and the size is perfect, not too small, not too large. They're suitable for practicing as well as performing as the standard size makes it easy to see them. The balls are also a bit glossy (at least silver/blue) which also makes it easier for a crowd to see them. Great balls for beginners and intermediate jugglers, the price is surprisingly low and the balls will probably survive for a couple of years.

I want to end this review by saying that the delivery to Sweden worked very well and was faster than expected every time I've bought Firetoys equipment, which is three times.
TOP NOTCH Review by WOLFIE , 09/09/2015
Great! Review by Ed2Ed , 17/08/2015
A set of four, good quality juggling balls to replace the ones I wore out with use over time. Nice weight.
Quite good Review by Daniel , 29/07/2015
This is my second set of balls as theyre small and good as practice balls, i wouldnt use these to perform though, they aren't as stable as for example the russian juggling balls. These are great beginner/practice balls for anyone who wants to start learning to juggle!
One more thing. Review by tldward , 16/07/2015
This is a continuation of my previous review, because I forgot to mention how amazing the Firetoys customer service is. My previous review talks about how great the Thud Juggling Balls, but this review is about Firetoys in general. I live in the USA, but the Firetoys shipping is faster than anything I order from over here. Not only do they sell amazing products, but they are incredibly friendly and helpful. I called their service number when I had a question about a product. There was no wait time, the employee was very knowledgeable, and again, incredibly friendly. I've yet to find a juggling store in the USA that has the product range, low prices, and shipping speed of Firetoys. I've placed 3 large orders through Firetoys over the last 2 months and I'm preparing to place a 4th. Highly recommend! A+++++++++
Good juggling balls Review by Fred1234 , 12/07/2015
The juggling ball are very good And I have made much use for them.
Great quality, price, and color! Very squishy and grippy! Review by tldward , 09/07/2015
These are great juggling balls and its hard to beat the price for the level of quality you get. They are the perfect size and weight. Not too heavy, but not too light. The balls are very squishy, so they are easy to catch and don't roll too much when dropped. I bought x2 of each of the solid red, green, and blue balls and I'm very happy with my purchase. I will be making another purchase soon for x2 of the red/black, red/green, and red/black balls. Highly recommend! A+++++++++
Goodness gracious, great balls... Review by Timmmmmmay! , 10/06/2015
Excellent product, responsive retailer, price, quality and delivery speed all excellent too... What's not to like?
blast Review by Wiszka , 21/05/2015
Really good stuff. comfortable in use, perfect for anyone:)
Great Product, Smooth Service Review by hgolov , 13/05/2015
I love the juggling balls I bought - they are great quality and my son is doing really well with them.
Perfect Review by Jophiel , 03/04/2015
I ordered the silver and yellow coloured balls. Unfortunately they got lost in the post. I rang up Firetoys and they were wonderful with me. Unfortunately there was no yellow and silver balls left so I got green and silver. They look great.
I can juggle but had lent my old juggling balls to someone else and wanted a new set.
These are just the right size and feel. They are easy to learn with if you cannot juggle.
I would recommend that folk buy these. I'm delighted.
Great balls of awesomeness! Review by southey435 , 22/03/2015
Perfect! They are perfectly weighted, sized, and stitched. I couldn't ask for better juggling gear.
Oooffff will you just look at the balls on that? Review by BOARLOCK , 14/01/2015
Bought myself some of those 120g thud juggling balls, I know there are more expensive balls out there but seriously man, don't bother. Get the thuds, they're and excellent standard!

Very pleased Review by Radu P , 09/12/2014
The balls have great quality and came in handy when I just started juggling. I learnt juggling in a few days and those kind of balls are just perfect for anyone who would want to start this kind of hobby.
In love ! Review by Gabi Serrano , 07/12/2014
I'm in love with gold and silver colors !!! so beautiful !
Perfect to juggling .
Good juggling balls Review by Rasmus , 15/10/2014
Very good juggling balls for the price. Ideal for beginners!
Very good Review by Nero , 03/10/2014
I bought these juggling balls as a replacement for my old ones which were getting really worn and had started to fall apart. I chose these because I wanted a balance between quality and a good price. They arrived as expected and they are very comfortable in the hand when juggling. Overall I would recommend these to anyone, either a beginner or likewise.
Easy to handle Review by Pia Mark , 15/09/2014
I'm very happy about these juggling balls. Easy to handle, nice grip, great colours. Fine quality.
Easy to handle Review by Pia Mark , 15/09/2014
I'm very happy with these juggling balls. Great colours and easy to handle. Good quality.
Bought some balls Review by SingingHobo , 28/08/2014
Having only picked up juggling recently, I am enthused by the size and weight of the balls I purchased. They feel great and have helped me get a lot better than using the fruit in the fruit bowl. A lot less messy too!
Great ball Review by Pip , 07/07/2014
Overall this is a very good juggling ball. We've had them a month now, used in a circus program at a children's summer camp. The size is fine for kids, maybe slightly on the large size for smaller kids. The stretchy fabric is great, allowing the balls to settle in the hand well, absorb some impact of inflight ball contact and move back into a spheres shape well. The stitching has started to come apart slightly on some of the balls that have been used intensely, nothing some minor repairs can't fix. Overall, for the excellent price, these are a good ball.
Brilliant Balls! Review by stuart , 07/08/2013
have only just started juggling and these were my first ever purchase...
after a few weeks of use the balls start to loosen up and make them even easier to use...
these are fantastic balls for a new juggler... i also love the fact there are a massive range of colours to choose from.
everyone i have shown these to ( non jugglers ) have all gone on to purchase some.
Great balls of squishy Review by Chimney , 13/06/2013
Perfect balls
Not a bad word to say Review by Jack , 10/05/2013
I brought 4 of these from firetoys at the BJC 2013 in pickering about a month ago. Since then they have allowed me to learn 4 ball and i'm currently working on 5. I don't have a bad word to say about these balls as i've found they good for pretty much anything and i would strongly recommend them to anyone.
Nice Review by Freddo , 28/05/2012
The balls are very soft. Very tactile and easy to juggle with. I bought 10 balls 2 years ago and 1 split. It is strange as the other 9 look very good still and show no sign of problems. Firetoys sent me a new one which is good customer service. One thing which is very good about these balls is they seem to be the same all the time. The 9 originals are exactly the same weight as the new one. Great
Perfect Review by Kiera , 21/03/2012
These balls are perfect in every way. i love the fact that you can squash them like a stress ball and they seem very durable. Highly recommended
Good starter ball Review by Ben , 10/02/2012
Bought these to get me back into juggling again. Good quality. Fly well and easy to handle. Highly recommended.
Good starter ball Review by Ben , 10/02/2012
Bought these to get me back into juggling again. Good quality. Fly well and easy to handle. Highly recommended.
The best Review by Finn , 18/01/2012
Love em forever!
Great balls Review by Simon , 09/12/2011
Nicely made, very squishy, very satisfying to squish. There always seems to be a few stitches which look less perfect but i think this is how they finish the balls. I've not had one break!
Excellent and long lasting Review by Clownphish , 10/10/2011
The first set of proper juggling balls I got were these. Blue and yellow. I still have them after five years of professional work and personal practise. Material is still in excellent condition, the weight is constant and there is no splitting in the stitches. A first rate set of juggling balls for beginners and pros.
My first juggling Review by Ani , 04/10/2011
Just purchased these juggling balls, and they are really good. Fits well in your hand, and the weight is perfect.

Only downside is that I miss the "neon juggling balls" that I bought last time. Doesn't look like you have them anymore.
Perfect Review by John , 31/08/2011
These are as good as thuds get!
Super squishy balls - brilliant Review by Kirsten , 22/03/2011
These shiny juggling balls are super squishy and retain their round shape in the air. Very visual, very tactile and very easy to juggle. So much nicer than those firm, almost crunchy cheaper balls.

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